Yannick D.
December 5, 2015

“I was referred to Seth by a friend of mine who was recently hired by Delta Air Lines. After my first phone screening conversation, I was highly impressed with the kind of service I received. I quickly realized that Seth was not after my money but truly cares about providing the best way possible for me to achieve my dream of becoming a major airline pilot.

Previously, I used another provider to review my application, but after Seth’s first review I was made aware that my application lacked proper technique, content and attention to details. Through my revisions, I felt that I was not just a number, but that I was being treated by a great friend who was willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help me achieve my personal success.

Now as I look at the final work of my application, I am 100% confident that when being reviewed, I will not be put on stand-by, rejected or passed on. Before Seth’s work, my application looked like an incomplete bachelor degree. After his final touches my application is at a graduate doctorate level. I highly recommend ATC’s services because it is a difference maker. Your application will not be left with doubt or questions. While working with Seth, I understood that having a stellar application on file is the first step to obtaining seniority anywhere. Being hired one month sooner can be the difference between being a senior wide body captain or the other way around of being hired much later and flirting with the possibility of being furloughed.”

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