Toy B.
September 11, 2015

“I’m very pleased with the service I received from Seth on my application. If it weren’t for his guidance, I would have never known exactly what was needed to produce a complete and competitive application that was good enough to be considered by Delta and United. I was referred to Airline Transition Consultants after my husband, a Delta Captain, flew with Seth. He mentioned my desire to transition to a major airline and Seth said he could help get my application in tip-top shape. Seth paid close attention to all details. Every entry in my application was scrutinized and double-checked for accuracy.

Seth devoted a lot of time on his layovers and days off to fix and fine-tune my application. He was very receptive and quick to call, text and e-mail me if I had any questions. I recommended many friends to Airline Transition Consultants. Seth continues to give my friends the same special attention that he gave me. I got the feeling that Seth genuinely enjoys helping others to achieve their dream job, which is why he takes the application process so seriously. I’m very confident that I’ll get a call for interview and when I go to my interview I won’t worry one bit about how my application represents me. Thank you very much, Seth, for everything! ”

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