Scott W.
February 10, 2017

With the help and dedication of Seth and Katie, I am one step closer to obtaining my dream of flying for a major 121 carrier.

Having gone down a career path different from most aspiring airline pilots, my application had good content but I didn’t expand on my experience, education and professional development. After spending countless hours with Seth, we were able to highlight and improve the content in all areas of the application.

I truly believe that without the help of Seth and Katie, my application would have been bypassed. Seth’s knowledge of the application process is extraordinary and it shows with his verbiage, attention to detail and overall understanding of the somewhat complicated and unknown airline application world!

The cost for their services is well worth the price and I would have paid twice as much because of the level of service that they provide. Unlike other application services I have used in the past, Seth and Katie bring an added personal touch and they really do care about your success with obtaining an interview and eventually getting hired by your airline of choice. Seth is very easy to work with and will tell you like it is, which is what I needed to succeed.

I have complete confidence that my application is flawless and now it’s just a matter of time. I have only one regret, and a piece of advice for others, I wish I would have called ATC a long time ago when I started this process.