Rick M.
August 7, 2016

The program at ATC is one of the most thorough experiences in application review that I have gone through. Seth and Jason have this figured out and have been instrumental in covering all aspects of what the airlines are looking for in this process. You really don’t know the level of detail that is required and easily overlooked until you have someone guide you through the process and really dig deep into your history to maximize all the talents you probably don’t know you had. Seth and Jason really opened up the door to explaining the rigors of the airline application nuances, and helped me clean up a lot of the blurred lines most of us tend to leave out.

With the hiring environment the way it is now and the amount of good qualified people fighting for an interview at the majors, it is refreshing to know that my application is going to stand out from the rest and be as professional as it can be. ATC is hands down the best investment in my career in terms of growth and preparedness. I highly recommend their services as their knowledge and insight to the ‘hiring game’ has helped me prepare for the next step. I’m looking forward to getting a call soon.