Nate T.
November 16, 2015

“I just recently completed my application review with Seth and Airline Transition Consultants. I am very optimistic about the future and confident in what my application has become.

I, like many others, spent hours on my own combing through my application making sure it was complete and perfect. I had heard about Seth and Airline Transition Consultants but was skeptical at first feeling as if I could handle my application on my own. However, after hearing first hand from multiple people how helpful it was, I decided to give Seth a call and see what he had to say. After looking over my application for free, he assured me he could make several important and necessary changes to my application so I decided to give it a try. Seth spent several hours getting to know me personally as well as my background, and meticulously went through every box of my entire application making sure it was flawless. I really appreciated the time and effort Seth spent not just giving me some generic advise, but really working with me one on one to customize my application specifically to me and my strengths, and making sure I looked as good on paper as I possibly could.

Seth found and corrected several critical errors I never would have noticed or figured out on my own. Considering your application is your first impression and only thing a company has to judge you by, it’s extremely important to devote some quality time and energy making sure that it’s just right. I highly recommend giving Seth a call and becoming his next success story.”

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