Mitch M.
April 23, 2020

Mitch_Mcintyre“Getting hired at your airline of choice is not easy. It’s also not cheap. With job fairs, hotel rooms, interview prep, study materials – the costs add up. All of these areas are important and none should be neglected; however, there is one simple truth. It doesn’t matter how sharp your suit looks or how polished your interview skills are, if you can’t get the interview then they’ll never know how well-prepared you are. The only thing the airline has of you is your application. It’s the only tool you have any control over in the hiring process prior to getting the actual interview. The application is the foundation on which all of your networking and preparations rest. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, it is also the area most neglected. Knowing what I know now, if I only had the money to either pay for Airline Transition Consultant’s services or go to a job fair, I would skip the job fair and hire ATC. The quality of the application is that important.

My Application Specialist, Seth, has incredible talent in this area. His eye for clarity and presentation is impressive. The first area Seth helped me was with my resume. I had spent countless hours refining it over the years and had it reviewed by numerous people for input on content and formatting. In my mind it was nearly perfect. In 45 minutes of meeting with Seth it was covered in red ink. My application was a similar experience. My application was in decent shape before starting with Seth. Both my wife and I had carefully gone through it countless times and there were no major holes or discrepancies. With Seth’s help it went from good to great. Airline Transition Consultants will help to ensure your application puts your absolute best foot forward. They will help you highlight your strengths and attributes, which is important to do before your interview. If you have any problem areas such as a less than perfect driving record, or failures in your training history, then they will ensure that it is clearly put in context.

Two days after working with Airline Transition Consultants, I received the coveted invite to interview with Delta Air Lines. Since my application was perfect, I had the confidence I needed to impress the committee during my interview.

My recommendation of Airline Transition Consultants services cannot be overstated. I am confident their guidance played a part in my being invited to interview at Delta when I did. When it comes to getting the interview, there are many factors at play. Without a doubt the application is a major factor. It was two days after implementing some of the suggested changes that I was contacted for the interview. I’m not sure I could confidently call that a coincidence. More telling is that I spoke with many of the other applicants present on the day I interviewed. Some were hired, some were not, but all mentioned that during the panel interview they were asked to change and initial at least one item on their application. I wasn’t asked to change or correct a single thing on my application. That was a good feeling and I have the service of Airline Transition Consultants to thank for it.”

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