Jesse H.
September 11, 2015

“In the spring of 2015 I was working at a regional carrier and like many pilots I desired to move up to the major airlines. I had been to job fairs, I had a number of internal recommendations including a chief pilot, and I was technically qualified. On the surface it appeared I had done everything I could to present myself as a good candidate for a position. A friend insisted I talk with Seth Schall about reviewing my application. Initially I thought that was a crazy idea, I had been updating and auditing my application every two weeks for years. I was actually reluctant to make the call but reasoned that the application is a complicated piece of the hiring process; why not use some crew resource management to eliminate errors in my application? Seth’s review of my application pointed out several areas where I could do a better job of representing myself to the recruiters. Even after that I was skeptical of how effective this process could be, until five days later when I got a call from my first choice airline. Seth continued to help me with preparing for my interview and was a huge help during the process. I was quite shocked I received a call that quickly. I can’t say it’ll the same for everyone but if you’re not putting your best effort forward in all areas you are selling yourself short.”

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