Dave O.
September 26, 2016

I have just finished editing my airline application with the help of Airline Transition Consultants. I absolutely can’t believe the level of detail and scrutiny Seth and company provide when looking at your application. If you’re like me, you remember the hours of agony experienced the first time you entered all your information into Airline Apps. Then, through the years, you would change things as you remembered them, along with updating times and medical/passport/driver license dates. Then you see the error checker at the end. “No Critical Errors Found,” and think, “Great! I’m Set!” Boy was I ever wrong. Seth pointed out so many things that I had omitted, mostly things I failed to even think about. No wonder I haven’t been called! I can honestly say I’ve put an extra 25-40 hours into my app since working with Seth. There was so much missing information. Also, dates, addresses, and such that I had left out. His attention to detail was amazing. I am so happy with his service. I can’t wait to share my update when I get called and hired. Thanks, Seth!