Daniel K.
September 11, 2015

“I learned of Seth and his services a few months prior to contacting him. I had already paid to have my application reviewed by another company and did not feel that he would have much to offer to my application. After hearing of several experiences with Seth and a recommendation from a mutual friend, I reluctantly gave him a call. 

Our first conversation he mentioned that my application was one of the “cleaner ones” he had seen, but there was room for improvement. Over the course of the next few weeks Seth spent countless hours on the phone with me reviewing and improving my application line by line down to the last detail. After I thought we were finished with the last revision, he had one last project to help me solidify my dates and time-line to make certain that I was telling my story the best I could throughout the application. During our first call Seth said it is not uncommon to get a response from one specific airline within 5-7 days of the first revision. As I was working on my application on day five, I received an interview invite from one of my target airlines. I now have the confidence in my application that I don’t worry about spending hours and hours revising and reviewing it. I simply update my flight times and hope for the interview invite from my first choice airline.

Seth went above and beyond to help me not only with my application but to overcome the highs and lows of the selection process at my targeted airlines. He is very thorough in his work and genuinely cares about my success. I not only gained a professional consultant during this process but also a friend.

I highly recommend doing the application review before any job fair. If your application does not score high enough, then you will not get the interview. I wish I had called Seth Schall a year ago before spending the time and money going to job fairs.”

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