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What Our Clients Say…

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“I cannot thank Seth enough for his help. Because of our hard work, I received not one, but two invites to interview at the industry’s top legacy carriers. After working with Seth on my AirlineApps.com application, I received my first interview invitation within 5 days. Seth is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to AirlineApps.com. His customer service and response time to any query I had for him were some of the finest. I have worked with other companies in the field and Seth’s work receives the highest compliments of all the groups I’ve seen. I feel my application truly stands apart because of the work he did.”

Ian W. September 10, 2015

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“Airline Transition Consultant’s service works! I had my application out at a major airline for close to a year with no luck – I even used a different application review service during this time. Upon hearing of the success many people were having in getting called for interviews using Airline Transition Consultant’s service, I decided to give them a try as I was getting frustrated with the application process. Seth found numerous items on my application that were incorrect, omitted and needed improvement. We worked through these and got my application looking very complete and professional. Within a month of using the service, I received an interview with my targeted airline. At the interview they were impressed with the quality of my application, and I received the job offer! Seth was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Airline Transition Consultants to anyone who is applying at an airline, as it worked wonders for me!”

Mike L. September 11, 2015

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“In the spring of 2015 I was working at a regional carrier and like many pilots I desired to move up to the major airlines. I had been to job fairs, I had a number of internal recommendations including a chief pilot, and I was technically qualified. On the surface it appeared I had done everything I could to present myself as a good candidate for a position. A friend insisted I talk with Seth Schall about reviewing my application. Initially I thought that was a crazy idea, I had been updating and auditing my application every two weeks for years. I was actually reluctant to make the call but reasoned that the application is a complicated piece of the hiring process; why not use some crew resource management to eliminate errors in my application? Seth’s review of my application pointed out several areas where I could do a better job of representing myself to the recruiters. Even after that I was skeptical of how effective this process could be, until five days later when I got a call from my first choice airline. Seth continued to help me with preparing for my interview and was a huge help during the process. I was quite shocked I received a call that quickly. I can’t say it’ll the same for everyone but if you’re not putting your best effort forward in all areas you are selling yourself short.”

Jesse H. September 11, 2015

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“I learned of Seth and his services a few months prior to contacting him. I had already paid to have my application reviewed by another company and did not feel that he would have much to offer to my application. After hearing of several experiences with Seth and a recommendation from a mutual friend, I reluctantly gave him a call. 

Our first conversation he mentioned that my application was one of the “cleaner ones” he had seen, but there was room for improvement. Over the course of the next few weeks Seth spent countless hours on the phone with me reviewing and improving my application line by line down to the last detail. After I thought we were finished with the last revision, he had one last project to help me solidify my dates and time-line to make certain that I was telling my story the best I could throughout the application. During our first call Seth said it is not uncommon to get a response from one specific airline within 5-7 days of the first revision. As I was working on my application on day five, I received an interview invite from one of my target airlines. I now have the confidence in my application that I don’t worry about spending hours and hours revising and reviewing it. I simply update my flight times and hope for the interview invite from my first choice airline.

Seth went above and beyond to help me not only with my application but to overcome the highs and lows of the selection process at my targeted airlines. He is very thorough in his work and genuinely cares about my success. I not only gained a professional consultant during this process but also a friend.

I highly recommend doing the application review before any job fair. If your application does not score high enough, then you will not get the interview. I wish I had called Seth Schall a year ago before spending the time and money going to job fairs.”

Daniel K. September 11, 2015

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“I have been working with Airline Transition Consultants on my application for the last couple of weeks and have been amazed at the level of detail and diligence that Seth is able to deliver. There has been an extensive change to my application due to Seth’s ability to see finite detail. My application looks much better now. I know that Seth delivers results, because my brother worked with Seth and received an invite for an interview to United and Delta a week after finishing the application review. If you are looking to move on, then I am of the opinion that Seth’s expertise is worth every penny.”

Michael C. September 11, 2015

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“This application service exceeded my expectations. Not only did Seth correct my airline application, he gave it a complete makeover. I added several pages of content to my application, made my application look and read more professionally, and ultimately made my application score better with my targeted airlines. The amount of time Seth spent with me correcting my application far exceeded my expectations. I believe I got my money’s worth and then some. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to give them self a competitive edge on their application to a legacy carrier.”

Brad M. September 11, 2015

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“I came to Seth after attending numerous job fairs. I had recently completed my college degree while acquiring thousands of Turbine PIC hours and, ultimately, I began feeling frustrated that less qualified people were being hired before me. Before coming to Airline Transition Consultants I used a different consultant to polish my resume, as well as a consultant for interview preparation to get my interview skills up to speed. Application review was the only area I had not consulted a professional and I definitely wish I had found him sooner!  Seth pays close attention to detail when combing through your application. Each consultation opened my eyes to numerous problem areas, too many to list! I thought my application looked pretty good before talking to Seth, and I was unsure what he would change. Seth finds the problems, and YOU make the changes. He guides you through what needs to be done, and then revises again during each consultation. This is a collaborative effort, make no mistake, and I would not want it any other way. Seth invests many hours consulting with you and helping to revise your application into a well-polished document. I now feel confident that my application is as good as it will ever be and I feel peace of mind that I have not left something as important as an application to an airline up to fate. I give Seth and his application service my highest recommendation.”

Mike, SkyWest Airlines September 11, 2015

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“I’m very pleased with the service I received from Seth on my AirlineApps.com application. If it weren’t for his guidance, I would have never known exactly what was needed to produce a complete and competitive application that was good enough to be considered by Delta and United. I was referred to Airline Transition Consultants after my husband, a Delta Captain, flew with Seth. He mentioned my desire to transition to a major airline and Seth said he could help get my application in tip-top shape. Seth paid close attention to all details. Every entry in my application was scrutinized and double-checked for accuracy.

Seth devoted a lot of time on his layovers and days off to fix and fine-tune my application. He was very receptive and quick to call, text and e-mail me if I had any questions. I recommended many friends to Airline Transition Consultants. Seth continues to give my friends the same special attention that he gave me. I got the feeling that Seth genuinely enjoys helping others to achieve their dream job, which is why he takes the application process so seriously. I’m very confident that I’ll get a call for interview and when I go to my interview I won’t worry one bit about how my application represents me. Thank you very much, Seth, for everything! ”

Toy B. September 11, 2015

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“I used Airline Transition Consultants to aid me in progressing my career. The help I’ve received has been invaluable. My resume has received compliments from recruiters thanks to Seth’s recommendations. Regardless of the day of the week, night or day, Seth has always responded in a timely manner and followed up to make sure I’m satisfied with the answer. Furthermore, he’s perfected the application, giving direct instructions that simplify the process. If you’re serious about obtaining that major airline career, I’d highly recommend putting the experienced professionals at Airline Transition Consultants to work for you.”

Trenton H., SkyWest Airlines September 11, 2015

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“After countless hours refining my online application to the major airlines, I felt sure that I had nailed the process. From friends and colleagues, I’d been given tips and tricks to make the online application complete. Then I received the dreaded “fix it” email. My efforts to refine and perfect my application seemed useless and I was frustrated at the whole process.

At the advice of a good friend and pilot I sought out the services of Seth Schall at Airline Transition Consulting. From the beginning, Seth put me at ease. He walked me through the whole process and explained the services he provided. After reviewing my current application he reassured me that if he couldn’t greatly improve my application there would be no charge.

Simply put, Seth puts the other application services to shame. He comes prepared to discuss your application not once, but up to 4 times. He was patient in addressing concerns which I felt were unique to my application. Over the course of our work together, we polished my application into a product that far exceeded my expectations. Because of my experience I have referred several friends for help with their online applications. It is without hesitation that I recommend the services of Seth Schall at Airline Transition Consulting.”

Nathan W., CRJ Captain September 11, 2015

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“Prior to working with Airline Transition Consultants I thought my application was complete and accurate. After our first session I realized my airline application was far more incomplete than I could have ever imagined. During the process we added 4-5 pages more of content and corrected numerous mistakes. The before and after comparison of my application was night and day. Seth was very easy to work with and helped answer all the questions I had along the way. I feel more confident going into an interview now, knowing that my application looks polished and complete. This was by far the best investment I have made so far, to get me closer to an interview with my target airline. I have recommended Airline Transition Consultants to all of my friends. It was worth every penny and then some! Thanks Seth!”

Kevin S. September 11, 2015

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“I was so impressed with the work Seth and his team provided, I am telling everyone about the outstanding service they provide. With all the time, money and work invested, it only makes sense to have a professional look over your application to ensure it is done right the first time. Your career depends on it!”

Steven Y. September 11, 2015

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“Airline Transition Consultants did a great job streamlining my application and making it more professional. Their service goes well beyond checking for spelling errors or common mistakes and helps you present yourself in the best possible way. In this very competitive market it’s the little things that will make the difference, I highly recommend them.”

Kyle H. September 11, 2015

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“I can’t thank Seth at Airline Transition Consulting enough for his expertise and consultation on my application. I can’t imagine applying to any airline without first talking to Seth. He was extremely thorough and helpful. It was definitely worth it!”

Joel M. September 11, 2015

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“I would highly recommend Airline Transition Consultants to anyone working on an airline application. I had already worked with another consulting agency so I hesitated to call, but after hearing such great reviews from colleagues I decided to give them a call. I am so glad I did! Not only did I find that errors still remained in my application, Seth and I worked together over many hours to transform my application into so much more. I now have the confidence that any airline reviewing my application will find a very clear, accurate, and easy to follow story of my life and career.”

Kevin C. September 11, 2015

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“I came to Airline Transition Consultants via a recommendation of a friend who had recently been hired with Delta Air Lines. It only took a few minutes on the phone with one of their application specialists, Seth, to realize how poor my application actually appeared with its many glaring errors and short page count. Several phone calls and many changes later, I can now say that my application is clean, polished, fully developed and professional. From small punctuation and spelling errors, to much larger errors of missing content in professional development, work history, education history, and overall uniformity, ATC has the tools and knows how to make an application shine. I recommend Seth and Airline Transition Consultants to anyone looking to fine-tune his or her application. I am extremely satisfied with my final draft and have the confidence to present it to any airline.”

Tyler M. September 11, 2015

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“I am extremely satisfied with my experience working with Airline Transition Consultants. At first, I was hesitant about hiring a company to review my AirlineApps.com application. However, after my first phone conversation with Seth Schall, it became clear to me that Seth was very knowledgeable about the fine details within the AirlineApps.com website and the critical areas I should focus on for the airline addendums as well. Seth also provided me with insight on key verbiage I should use throughout my application. After working with Seth in three separate phone calls that lasted about two hours in length each, my application is extremely professional and accurate. Seth Schall has an eye for detail that is uncanny. In addition to Seth’s knowledge, I believe that Seth personally cared about my success. I never felt judged by Seth and felt very comfortable discussing any matter that pertained to the AirlineApps.com application. As amazing as Seth Schall is, you have to be aware that there is going to be a considerable time investment on your part to fix the mistakes that Seth will most likely discover in your application. For me, the future of my career was worth the time. The only regret I have is that I did not know about Airline Transition Consultants earlier. Airline Transition Consultants is well worth the money, and I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about advancing in their aviation career.”

Dennis, CA SkyWest Airlines September 11, 2015

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“The path to landing that sought after dream job with a large airline is very challenging and competitive. With these challenges I felt more than overwhelmed with the application process, and really had no clue how to make my application stand out. I can’t say how happy I am that I made the call to Airline Transition Consultants with their extensive patience, attention to detail, and determination to help me succeed I am confident that I will be getting to the next level of my career. Seth and his team really do put forth maximum effort in the entire process from start to finish. I recommend all pilots looking for that inside edge to give them a call.”

Wade F., Regional Airline CA September 11, 2015

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“I had a fantastic experience working with Seth Schall on my AirlineApps.com application for Delta Air Lines. The amount of time and attention to detail Seth provided were outstanding and he really helped me fine-tune my application and make it look much more professional and complete. I wouldn’t hesitate to offer my highest recommendation of the service he provided and the value it produced in putting forward the best application possible.”

Dan P., CA SkyWest Airlines September 11, 2015

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“After having flown at the same company for 16 years, I found the task of applying to AirlineApps.com daunting! I hired a high profile consulting service to look over my application. I was extremely dissatisfied with the level of effort and time that was put into my application review. That’s when I found Seth. Seth takes the time to insure that you will get the best possible score and provides an invaluable service! Well worth the money! I recommend Seth to everyone applying to airline apps so they can be confident they will get the highest score and get their dream job!”

Gregory M. September 11, 2015

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“Seth earned my business by providing a no-cost initial review of the application that I have on file at Airlineapps.com.  He said that if my application was squared away, he would let me know and there would be no charge for the initial consult. Although I thought that my application was ready for prime time, Seth identified a few key items, and several small items, that were either missing or mis-stated.  Such omissions can only serve to remove you from consideration.  It’s a complicated/murky HR process, and even with high quality flight time, your application might be your own worst enemy.  Give Seth a call.  By working with him, you’ll be confident that your application is in peak form.”

Bruce M. November 16, 2015

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“I consider myself a detail oriented person and thought my application was in good shape until I contacted Seth. His expertise found many errors and omissions on my part and I’m sure my application would not have been considered without his help. Seth knows what a completed application should look like and includes and will help you in your quest to get hired by a major airline. Seth is definitely worth his fee! Don’t hesitate to call him today!”

Lisa J. November 16, 2015

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“At first, I felt I was just like any another line captain, with nothing special about me, applying with the masses of more qualified people at major airlines. While jump seating home one day, I happened to run into Seth. After a two-hour conversation with him, I was convinced I needed someone to help me stand out from the crowd. After working with Seth, my online applications are totally different than what I came up with on my own. He helps you put together an application package that is meaningful and complete. Seth showed me things from my own experiences that do stand out from the crowd. I feel like I have a complete and solid application package now. If you are serious about a job at a major airline, you can’t afford to not stand out. Seth’s process will give you a solid, meaningful and complete application.”

Tim S., CA Air Wisconsin Airlines November 16, 2015

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“I had a great experience working with Airline Transition Consultants. The hours they spent working with me greatly improved the quality of my application. It was obvious they had seen many applications and used that experience to improve mine. Their attention to detail allowed me to correct many flaws I had not seen. I would highly recommend using their service!”

Paul C. November 16, 2015

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“When I filled out my application for the first time I was sure that everything looked ok. When a friend told me about Seth and the service he provides, I thought I didn’t need it. I decided to contact Seth anyway just to see what he had to say. After speaking with him for just a few minutes I was so impressed with his insight into the application process that I decided to use his service just in case I missed something. After one session on the phone with Seth, was I ever surprised! I had no clue what I was doing! My application was a mess and it didn’t take me long to realize that Seth really knew his stuff. Now that I have been through the entire process I rest assured that my application looks exactly as it should. I know that it has been checked, cross-checked, and checked again through experienced eyes. I don’t worry that I forgot to check a box or that I may have checked one I wasn’t supposed to. Working with Seth was a pleasure from start to finish. He was always punctual and available when he said he would be. He responded to any questions or concerns I had very quickly and professionally. I appreciate the fact that he was always straightforward and honest with all aspects of the application. I whole-heartedly recommend Seth and the service he provides to anyone going through the application process. Don’t leave things to chance; make sure your application is the best it can be by contacting Airline Transition Consultants ASAP!”

Jon P. November 16, 2015

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“I just recently completed my application review with Seth and Airline Transition Consultants. I am very optimistic about the future and confident in what my application has become.

I, like many others, spent hours on my own combing through my application making sure it was complete and perfect. I had heard about Seth and Airline Transition Consultants but was skeptical at first feeling as if I could handle my application on my own. However, after hearing first hand from multiple people how helpful it was, I decided to give Seth a call and see what he had to say. After looking over my application for free, he assured me he could make several important and necessary changes to my application so I decided to give it a try. Seth spent several hours getting to know me personally as well as my background, and meticulously went through every box of my entire application making sure it was flawless. I really appreciated the time and effort Seth spent not just giving me some generic advise, but really working with me one on one to customize my application specifically to me and my strengths, and making sure I looked as good on paper as I possibly could.

Seth found and corrected several critical errors I never would have noticed or figured out on my own. Considering your application is your first impression and only thing a company has to judge you by, it’s extremely important to devote some quality time and energy making sure that it’s just right. I highly recommend giving Seth a call and becoming his next success story.”

Nate T. November 16, 2015

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“I had worked with another consultant company for over a year who reviewed my application and said it “looked good.” A friend highly recommended Seth and ATC to take a second look. Seth found an incredible amount of information that was either incorrectly entered, missing, or misrepresented. I can say with confidence that my qualifications were not represented well, causing my application to not be as competitive as it should be. Seth is a true professional and his attention to detail on my application will allow me to sit down at in interview with the confidence knowing that my qualifications and history are included with no inaccuracies.  The process Seth utilizes is unique from the other consultants. He is very thorough and approachable to provide the advice necessary to address the more complicated entries from your past. After working with other consultants, I can confidently say that Seth’s services are worth the investment and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Seth before sitting down with a legacy carrier.”

Josh D. December 2, 2015

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“I was referred to Seth by a friend of mine who was recently hired by Delta Air Lines. After my first phone screening conversation, I was highly impressed with the kind of service I received. I quickly realized that Seth was not after my money but truly cares about providing the best way possible for me to achieve my dream of becoming a major airline pilot.

Previously, I used another provider to review my application, but after Seth’s first review I was made aware that my application lacked proper technique, content and attention to details. Through my revisions, I felt that I was not just a number, but that I was being treated by a great friend who was willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help me achieve my personal success.

Now as I look at the final work of my application, I am 100% confident that when being reviewed, I will not be put on stand-by, rejected or passed on. Before Seth’s work, my application looked like an incomplete bachelor degree. After his final touches my application is at a graduate doctorate level. I highly recommend ATC’s services because it is a difference maker. Your application will not be left with doubt or questions. While working with Seth, I understood that having a stellar application on file is the first step to obtaining seniority anywhere. Being hired one month sooner can be the difference between being a senior wide body captain or the other way around of being hired much later and flirting with the possibility of being furloughed.”

Yannick D. December 5, 2015

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“I have been working with Seth for about a month, and my application looks better than I could have imagined. Seth is very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. I was impressed with the level of detail and accuracy he provided while working on my application. I cannot thank Seth enough. I would highly recommend ATC to anyone looking to move on to a major airline.”

Vicky K. December 10, 2015

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“I got a call within one week of working with Airline Transition Consultants. Prior to working with them, I’d been working on my application for years. I’m so glad I made the call!

I contacted Airline Transition Consultants on a recommendation from a friend and coworker. Upon my first conversation with Seth I could tell that getting people interviews was something that he was passionate about. It took less than 5 minutes into the review of my application to see that he has a level of understanding of the application process that few others have. Repairing my application was a time consuming process. We combed over my application for roughly 12 hours and Seth was there every step along the way.

Upon completion of my application I submitted it to airline apps and was surprised to hear from United Airlines roughly a week after submitting my new and improved application. After applying at major airlines for the last 8 years without response, I am convinced Seth is responsible for getting my application into the selection process. I regret not getting in touch with Airline Transition Consultants much sooner.”


Craig V. January 11, 2016

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“I received a call to interview with a major airline the day after I corrected my application using the methods developed by Seth and Airline Transition Consultants! I submitted my application years ago with numerous internal recommendations. I constantly updated it and attended multiple job fairs without results. I wondered what else I could do to progress my career. Fortunately, another pilot referred me to Seth, and I could not speak more highly of the services I received. Without question, this was the best money I have ever spent in my life. There is no doubt in my mind that there was a direct correlation between ATC’s application review and the interview invite I received the very next day. My only regret is not seeking out Seth’s services sooner.”

Brad K. February 2, 2016

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“I came to Airline Transition Consultants with what I thought was a pretty complete and polished application. After my consultation, I discovered that there was a good amount of information that I could still add and expand on with the help of the staff. Not only did I add several fields of expanded content, they were able to find several discrepancies and areas of miss-matched information that myself and others had not. Airline Transition Consultants took what I thought was a good application and turned it into a great application that completely showed my whole story. The staff worked with my limited schedule and was able to complete the evaluation and rework with what limited time I had.”

Scott R. February 3, 2016

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“It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Airline Transition Consultants to anyone considering a new job. The application process is complex and fraught with unexpected pitfalls. Seth and his team are consummate professionals with the knowledge and expertise to help you present your best side to a prospective employer. My application languished for the better part of a decade with me having no idea that there were critical errors preventing my application from ever being reviewed. The professionals at ATC helped me correct and enhance my application in a quick, accurate and timely manner. Their service is a bargain at twice the price.”

Jim P. February 24, 2016

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“I wanted to send a big thank you out to Seth at ATC. He was referred to me word-of-mouth by a coworker and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results from my airlineapps application review. I thought my application was ready to go until Seth took his red pen to it. After putting in 40 more man hours of labor, it finally got where it needed to be. Six months later I was rewarded with a phone call from United Airlines! I am certain it was a result of the changes I made to airline apps that finally got the computer to recognize my application. The back-and-forth phone calls with Seth and his incessant attention to detail made the real difference here. Give him a call!”

Morgan B. March 17, 2016

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After years, and I do mean years, of waiting for that call, I heard about the application review service from Airline Transition Consultants and thought this could be just what I needed. Seth helped me immensely. I had errors and omissions that I had no idea about. In under two weeks of following his guidance I received the call I had been waiting for for years. I can’t stress enough the value in this service. Seth and Katie care and it shows!

Wade W. March 17, 2016

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My application had been languishing on AirlineApps since 2007, when a great friend put me in touch with Seth and Airline Transition Consultants.  Not even 4 weeks after working with Seth, I got the e-mail from my first choice Airline that I’ve been waiting to see for many many years!!  Now, it’s up to me to get to the finish line and get hired, but Seth’s process and knowledge most definitely made the difference and got my foot in the proverbial door.  I highly recommend ATC to anybody looking to further their career as an Airline Pilot. THANK YOU to Seth and Katie for your dedicated service to me and my career.

Jeff G. April 11, 2016

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I cannot give enough praise to Seth and Katie at ATC.  They have gone above and beyond in terms of time and effort for what I have invested in their program. They have a time proven method that allows you to present your best self on paper. I truly feel my application was far more competitive as well as representative of the person I wanted to project to my future employers after working with ATC.  Seth is also relentless in his pursuit of perfection when it comes to proof reading and editing your application.  This becomes invaluable as you begin to see how many flaws his system uncovers. Seth is full of knowledge and tips that helped me with the entire interview process from job fairs to being prepared for personality exams. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Peter G. April 11, 2016

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I cannot thank Seth and his team enough! The testimonials are true. Five weeks and I had an invite. When you get the invite Seth will again spend time with you so you are fully confident going to the interview. After receiving the offer at my airline of choice a friend asked me to look over his application. They had paid a competitor to review it and still were not getting a call. In seconds of looking at it I noticed many mistakes and missing information. If you are considering this service do not hesitate to contact Seth and his team. I guarantee you will be glad and forever grateful for their services.

Randy T. June 13, 2016

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Before using ATC I’m sure I was like many others wondering if I had enough details in my application and if I had everything filled out correctly. I had been hearing rumors around the industry that not having a certain box filled or having grammatical and punctuation errors would get you screened out. After going through the process with Seth I am 100% positive that my application has the right amount of detail and looks the best it can to tell the airlines about myself and my professional experience. Having your application ready is just as important as going to a career fair and I’m certain that I’ve made every attempt to put myself in a position to be competitive for my dream job. Thanks Seth!

Nick B July 25, 2016

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The program at ATC is one of the most thorough experiences in application review that I have gone through. Seth and Jason have this figured out and have been instrumental in covering all aspects of what the airlines are looking for in this process. You really don’t know the level of detail that is required and easily overlooked until you have someone guide you through the process and really dig deep into your history to maximize all the talents you probably don’t know you had. Seth and Jason really opened up the door to explaining the rigors of the airline application nuances, and helped me clean up a lot of the blurred lines most of us tend to leave out.

With the hiring environment the way it is now and the amount of good qualified people fighting for an interview at the majors, it is refreshing to know that my application is going to stand out from the rest and be as professional as it can be. ATC is hands down the best investment in my career in terms of growth and preparedness. I highly recommend their services as their knowledge and insight to the ‘hiring game’ has helped me prepare for the next step. I’m looking forward to getting a call soon.

Rick M. August 7, 2016

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I wasn’t the pilot who had a lot of connections. I wasn’t the pilot who had special flying or instructor certificates to put on my resume. I was just the normal guy, with normal flight time who didn’t know a lot about what it takes to get an interview.

After hiring Airline Transition Consultants, I immediately felt like my paperwork was in order and I was prepared to sit down in an interview and explain everything on my application. In addition to having my application in order the advice I received from Seth was spot on. I was happy to have someone to talk to when I had questions about what I really should be doing to get an interview. Was it worth it? Yes,  I highly recommend ATC.

Josh L. September 26, 2016

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Airline Transition Consultants made my application look like a diamond.  My application was in shambles when I started the process with ATC.  Seth’s acute attention to detail is by far the best in the industry.  Katie’s patience and understanding about scheduling pilots made ATC a great company to work with.  I’m on reserve and they did an unbelievable job accommodating me and my unreliable schedule. Once all said and done we added valuable content and details to my application.  I can’t say enough about ATC and the process.  I can honestly say that they want the best for you and your future as an aviator. I give them my highest recommendation if you’re in the market to revamp your application.

Jason O. September 26, 2016

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I thought that I had been fairly diligent about filling out my applications for the legacy carriers. Seth and ATC had come recommended from a couple different sources, so I gave them a shot. When we were done, I was shocked at the difference in my applications. There were so many things that I never considered. I feel much more confident going forward that my application actually represents me as I truly am. Thank you, ATC!

Andy M. September 26, 2016

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I have just finished editing my airline application with the help of Airline Transition Consultants. I absolutely can’t believe the level of detail and scrutiny Seth and company provide when looking at your application. If you’re like me, you remember the hours of agony experienced the first time you entered all your information into Airline Apps. Then, through the years, you would change things as you remembered them, along with updating times and medical/passport/driver license dates. Then you see the error checker at the end. “No Critical Errors Found,” and think, “Great! I’m Set!” Boy was I ever wrong. Seth pointed out so many things that I had omitted, mostly things I failed to even think about. No wonder I haven’t been called! I can honestly say I’ve put an extra 25-40 hours into my app since working with Seth. There was so much missing information. Also, dates, addresses, and such that I had left out. His attention to detail was amazing. I am so happy with his service. I can’t wait to share my update when I get called and hired. Thanks, Seth!

Dave O. September 26, 2016

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Seth earned my money! It is amazing how much more complete and accurate my application is now with the help of ATC. When I first called Seth, he was immediately in touch with me and had me on the schedule quickly. When I was choosing a company to review my application, I had several to choose from, some cheaper, but I took the advice of others and went with ATC. I knew I made the right decision within the first 10 minutes of talking with Seth. He is very knowledgeable and helped me add valuable, detailed information that I would have never thought was important to share. When I’m called in for an interview, I now have complete confidence knowing that I have covered everything! Thank you ATC.

Ryan S. October 28, 2016

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I highly recommend Seth Schall at Airline Transition Consultants. I thought with the help of friends, co-workers and internet forums, I didn’t need any professional application help. After a trusted colleague recommended Seth, I finally reached out to him. After speaking with Seth for the consultation, it was already clear I could refine my application a lot. Seth’s keen sense and attention to detail is very impressive and will help anyone’s application. The whole team is very organized and they communicate extremely well with what to expect to reach the end goal. After refining my application with Seth, it now reflects my years of service in the aviation industry and my marketability moving forward in my career. I am very pleased with the service provided by Airline Transition Consultants and highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about transitioning to their next career advancement.

Cody H. November 2, 2016

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I was amazed at how many hours of work that Airline Transition Consultants put into my application and watched as they transformed it into something that looked completely different.  They have amazing discipline and ability to go over every single entry several times. Thanks for your compassionate work and also the great conversations.

Ryan H. December 1, 2016

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The time spent going through the entire ATC review and refinement process has done two things for me. First, it has given me the confidence in knowing that my application is as polished and complete as it can be. It is better than other applications that I have been selected for interviews. Secondly, and rather unexpectedly, the process allowed me to take a full look at my entire aviation career chronologically as a whole. It allowed me to contemplate both the successes I’ve had and the missteps I’ve taken. Ultimately it allowed me to come to peace with my past and accept the entirety of my career. It made me realize that I wouldn’t trade any of it because every part of it has made me into the professional pilot that I am today. My experiences have given me the perspective that I currently hold and value. I am sometimes fortunate enough to pass along what I’ve learned to those that are following behind me. I am very glad that I took the opportunity to go through this application review process.

Braden S. February 1, 2017

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Seth is very detailed oriented, and the service provided was excellent. I feel much more prepared for an interview when it comes to my paperwork.

B. Moe February 10, 2017

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With the help and dedication of Seth and Katie, I am one step closer to obtaining my dream of flying for a major 121 carrier.

Having gone down a career path different from most aspiring airline pilots, my application had good content but I didn’t expand on my experience, education and professional development. After spending countless hours with Seth, we were able to highlight and improve the content in all areas of the application.

I truly believe that without the help of Seth and Katie, my application would have been bypassed. Seth’s knowledge of the application process is extraordinary and it shows with his verbiage, attention to detail and overall understanding of the somewhat complicated and unknown airline application world!

The cost for their services is well worth the price and I would have paid twice as much because of the level of service that they provide. Unlike other application services I have used in the past, Seth and Katie bring an added personal touch and they really do care about your success with obtaining an interview and eventually getting hired by your airline of choice. Seth is very easy to work with and will tell you like it is, which is what I needed to succeed.

I have complete confidence that my application is flawless and now it’s just a matter of time. I have only one regret, and a piece of advice for others, I wish I would have called ATC a long time ago when I started this process.

Scott W. February 10, 2017

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Working with Seth and his team on (re)constructing my application was not only tremendously enlightening, it was also highly therapeutic. I got a huge boost of confidence, knowing I now appear under the best possible light to my targeted airlines with a complete application which tells my story almost better than I could.

Seth and Katie also helped me get ready for a major airline career Expo by fine-tuning my resume and giving me well-needed last minute tips on how to get ready to talk and present myself to recruiters.

Benoit W. November 29, 2017

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As a former major airline pilot returning to the cockpit after a prolonged absence, a good friend of mine suggested Airline Transition Consultants as a starting point in getting my application and resume in order.

Seth and Katie were outstanding in the service they provided. They spent hours and several sessions with me over Skype (since I am overseas) to review and enhance my application. Seth painstakingly went line by line on each and every entry to make sure it represented my experience in the best light possible, without watching the clock ever. In doing so, I found several gaps, errors and omissions that were quickly corrected. The end result was an application package that was a comprehensive, accurate and positive account of my history and aviation background.

The application and resume which Airline Transition Consultants produced received very positive comments at a recent interview and I was offered a conditional job offer. I wish I had done this much earlier in my career. If you want to get that competitive edge you owe it to yourself to consider the services they offer. It was an eye opening experience to say the least.

Thank you Seth and Katie!

Andy N. November 29, 2017