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Just some of ATC’s Success Stories

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Craig V.

I have been actively pursuing a career at a legacy airline since 2006. I was doing everything I thought was right; updating my applications regularly, attending job fairs, and networking as much as possible. All of this effort yielded minimal results for me. I had been progressing in my career, but not to the level that I dreamed of and certainly not at a speed [...]

Betsy W.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Seth and his team at Airline Transition Consultants. Since working with them last year, I have been invited to interview with three major airlines. This year I accepted an offer to fly for one of those major airlines. It’s been a dream come true to advance to the majors and have my choice of job offers. [...]

Chris C.

I am a highly experienced military pilot with more than 10 years experience flying wide body cargo planes all around the world. I have tons of PIC time and a very well rounded resume including combat time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Based on my flying experience and extra curricular activities, I thought I would have been an immediate hire at one of the major airlines. Looking to make the transition [...]

Mitch M.

“Getting hired at your airline of choice is not easy. It’s also not cheap. With job fairs, hotel rooms, interview prep, study materials - the costs add up. All of these areas are important and none should be neglected; however, there is one simple truth. It doesn’t matter how sharp your suit looks or how polished your interview skills are, if you can’t get the [...]


“For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to fly for a major airline. Being from the Bay Area of California, that dream job has always been with United Airlines. In 2013 Airline Transition Consultants helped me achieve my goal and I’m exactly where I want to be. Like most pilots who have a life-long dream to fly as a career, I’ve worked hard [...]

Katie P.

“I worked with Airline Transition Consultants and two weeks later I was invited to interview at Delta Air Lines. The next thing I knew I was confidently sitting in front of the interview committee accepting my dream job to fly for Delta. I can say with total sincerity that if I hadn’t made the call to ATC, I’d still be on the sidelines waiting for [...]