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Job Fairs

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File a complete and perfect application before attending a job fair

Job fairs are important and they play an important role in garnering positive attention as a candidate. These fairs are great places to network and meet with the hiring team at your target major airline. You should treat job fairs as only one part of the hiring process. The first step in the hiring process is filling out your application correctly. We recommend you have your application complete and ready before you shell out the big bucks to attend a job fair.

We’ve heard this story a thousand times and it goes roughly like this…

“I attended the job fair and they really liked me. I also have great connections within the company, but I was told my application scored too low. How can that be? I just don’t get it. My application has been on file for months.”

How could this happen, you ask? It’s highly likely that your application is incomplete. No matter how great of a candidate you think you are, if you don’t score high enough when the computer software program scores your application, then you won’t move on to the interview. Period.

Having a spiffy resume is nice, but it won’t get you to the interview. Only your complete and perfect application will get you the call. If you spend your time and energy on your application first, then you will greatly increase your chances of getting an interview.

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