Start by navigating to the Job Targeting section in Learn how to do this here.

Select Job Targeting on the left sidebar. Target the company or companies you wish to apply for. (Free applicants may only select one airline per application. Once a free applicant selects a company, it cannot be changed.) After you select the airline and job position you’d like, click on the company name to view a printable, company-specific application. A new tab or window will open displaying an easily readable view of your application in HTM format. In the top right corner, there will be a Print button. If there is no Print button visible, navigate to the menu bar in your browser and select File > Print… or control P. The print window will open allowing you to select a printer or destination. Some computers give users a “Print to PDF” native option or save as a pdf. This is the option that allows you to save as a PDF. Please keep in mind that converting your application to a PDF may be slightly different depending on your OS. Below are the steps for the most common OS.

PC Users instructions –
The Windows 10 OS has a native “Print to PDF” option. For Windows 10, you’ll need to activate this feature if you haven’t already. Here are instructions on how to activate the PDF converter for Windows 10

Click on the name of the company you chose to target your application in This will open your app in a new tab in HTM format. Select the Print button on the top or Control P. In the print window that opens, find the menu to select the printer and you will find the option “Microsoft Print to PDF” option. Select this option and follow the prompts to save the document.

Unfortunately, there is not a native PDF converter within Windows before version 10. Unless you have the paid version of Abode Pro software already installed on your PC, you will need a little extra help converting your application to a PDF. There are free downloadable programs available to help you do this; however, these are third-party applications so download and use these at your own discretion. The Chrome Browser has a built-in option to save HTM as a PDF.

Mac Users instructions –
The Mac OS has a native “Print to PDF” option that displays at the bottom left corner of the print window. Select this option and follow the prompts.

Note: iOS devices do not have a native PDF document converter; however, there are applications available in the iTunes store that can do this. Since these are third-party applications, download and use at your own discretion. Here is one such app that has favorable reviews

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