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Staying nourished during training

Getting More out of Training: Staying Nourished Congrats! You’re lucky enough to find yourself stuck in a hotel for an extended period of time shuffling back and forth to the training center. You’re officially living the dream, my friend. On several occasions, you’ve probably experienced the sad pang of hunger [...]

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Get out and serve

 Ah, community service. I bet most of you haven’t thought about that since high school or even college. If you haven’t thought about getting involved, then you should. The bottom line is that serving others is good for your community and also very good for you. Several studies have shown [...]

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Logging time as CL-65, CRJ 200 or CL-600-2B19: A great debate? Not really.

As a professional, you must be in command of all the facts and strive to use the correct terminology whenever possible. We’ve always asked our clients to do their very best to state the facts with pinpoint accuracy, because let’s face it, a successful career in aviation is built on [...]

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Act like a leader

We’d like to take a moment to talk about some touchy feely stuff. It’s the personal stuff that may not translate through your application or resume but is very important to hiring teams. Major airlines seek certain traits in pilots - the intangible qualities that go beyond safely operating the [...]

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The importance of integrity from Bill Kennedy

At the 2016 WAI United Briefing, Bill Kennedy, the Senior Manager of Pilot Hiring at United Airlines, asked everybody to spread the word about integrity. He spoke specifically to the omission of potentially unflattering background information in the application. Honesty, accuracy and thoroughness. If you don't heed his words, you [...]

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Craig V.

I have been actively pursuing a career at a legacy airline since 2006. I was doing everything I thought was right; updating my applications regularly, attending job fairs, and networking as much as possible. All of this effort yielded minimal results for me. I had been progressing in my career, [...]

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Don’t Let Your Spam Filter Kill Your Dream

Your invitation to interview from United, Delta and JetBlue will come in the form of an email invite. Don’t let this email go to your junk/spam folder. You could unwittingly miss your opportunity and that would be a shame. Add united@AirlineApps.com, Delta@AirlineApps.com and noreply@jetblue.com to your contacts list. Doing this [...]

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What To Expect During Your First Consultation

The first call is a solid 2 hours, so please be sure to find a quiet, comfortable place to talk. You will probably want to wear a headset for our conversation since you will be taking a lot of notes as we review your application. This is not a call [...]

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Application Tip #8

Update your application every two weeks. Your application runs the risk of becoming “inactive” if you update less frequently and it may not be seen by your target airline.

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