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About Airline Transition Consultants

At Airline Transition Consultants, our mission is to help you secure a career at a major airline and minimize the amount of time your airline application spends in process. We provide you with the most up to date knowledge and instruction to navigate the application process so you can be confident that you are represented in the best possible light to “get the call”. The work we do together will allow you to standout from the rest both before you publish your application and during your interview. Please visit our Services Page for more information on the services we provide.

We Are The Real Deal

Our Application Specialists have been successfully hired by a legacy airline. They bring honest, first hand knowledge and know-how when it comes to helping you complete your application and keeping it from the black hole of the Internet.
 Personalized customer service is our cornerstone and 
each consultation is designed to provide you personal guidance through our proprietary application process.

We take the time to understand your particular background and career experience. Consultation sessions are scheduled around your busy schedule and needs. We are here to serve you and our clients love the way we take care them. Visit our Testimonials Page to hear what our customers have to say about us.



How the Company Began

Our founder, Seth Schall, began his aviation consulting career in 2001 in Southern California providing airline interview preparation seminars, simulator preparation, crew coordination training and one-on-one interview preparation at the Long Beach and John Wayne Orange County Airports.

Over the past 20 years, Seth developed his industry knowledge as a commercial pilot. He began his flying career as a Lear Jet and Hawker pilot flying FAR 135 operations globally from Van Nuys, CA. This experience led to 10 years as a regional airline captain and check airman, culminating in a career pilot position at a legacy airline. His career experience provided the necessary insight and knowledge to serve as a mentor and develop successful programs for interview preparation and career guidance to prospective pilots seeking employment at U.S. legacy, major and regional airlines.

Airline Transition Consultants evolved to specialize in application review when we discovered that talented, well-trained pilots were not moving past the first step in transitioning to a major airline. The problem was the online application process.


Over the past 15 years, we’ve seen the evolution of the third party application service provider (ASP) used by many airlines. These ASPs were developed to aid the airline industry in their quest to locate, track, sort and hire the best pilots in the industry. It created another level of computerized screening complexity for pilots to navigate. A consequence of this faceless objectivity is that applications from great candidates slip down into a black hole, never to be seen by a hiring committee. Sadly, most candidates have no idea that a computer is screening them out because their application was deemed incomplete. This is where the specialists at Airline Transition Consultants come in. You must apply correctly before you’re hired, which is not as simple as you might think. We are fluent in all ASP website formats. Let us help you achieve your goals. Contact us for a free application analysis today.