Getting More out of Training: Staying Nourished

Congrats! You’re lucky enough to find yourself stuck in a hotel for an extended period of time shuffling back and forth to the training center. You’re officially living the dream, my friend.

On several occasions, you’ve probably experienced the sad pang of hunger as you push through another grueling session in the sim. Between studying and stressing, you just haven’t found the time or energy to buy nutritious food that nourishes your body. Hotel living is HARD!

Thankfully, in the age of instant EVERYTHING, you can now order groceries and have someone bring them to you. In some cases, they can deliver them to your door in under an hour. No need for Uber or borrowing a friend’s car! Below are three great grocery delivery services to consider and their service areas. Yes, these services have fees and tips associated with them and we know you are trying to keep costs down while in training. However, your health and well-being are important so please care for yourself as you undergo one of the most stressful times in your life. Focus on addressing a few little things that will make you more comfortable and bring a little joy.

Of course, you’ll need to know how much cold storage you’ll have in your room and whether or not you have a kitchenette or microwave. We’ve even heard of some pilots purchasing an inexpensive toaster oven for their rooms to get creative with their culinary skills. Some hotels frown upon that, so I would check to see if that’s ok before doing so.

Keep in mind that buying groceries usually involves food prep. Along with the food items you order, you may want to buy paper plates, utensils, zip-lock baggies to transport food with you, napkins, a cutting board, small knife, insulated lunch bag, a frozen gel pack, a microwave-safe ceramic mug, etc. If you read this in advance of your training date, pre-plan by shipping yourself these items and then include a return shipping label with the box to easily get it home. In some cases, you can schedule a pick up with services like FedEx to get the box back home.


  • No membership required
  • Fees based on time of delivery time window ($7.99 for delivery in an hour, $5.99 for delivery in over two-hours)
  • Optional 10{69b66a64679fd781f14e5fe49d5cbef6f08c04cf284f3fa105a609250c82333c} service fee that DOESN’T go to the shopper, more on that here
  • Optional tip that goes directly to the shopper
  • App and web-based shopping. You can see them pull you items in REAL TIME on the app

Amazon Fresh

  • Available only for Prime Members
  • 30-free trial, after that it’s a $14.99 per month subscription
  • Orders under $50 incur a $10 delivery fee
  • Delivery service varies
  • App and web-based shopping
  • About page


  • Membership based, monthly plan starting at $14 ($8.25 annual), cancel at any time
  • FREE delivery for orders over $35
  • iOS Android and web shopping
  • Same day delivery, as soon as an hour

Delivery Areas

These are the metro areas in which you may find yourself training. Don’t see your metro area? Click on the links above and simply enter the zip code to find out. 

Atlanta, GA 30304
Instacart – Shops at Publix, ALDI, or CVS

Denver, CO 80207
Amazon Fresh
Instacart – Shops at King Soopers, Safeway, Coscto, Marczyk Fine Foods (SOOOOOO yummy and local), Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, Lowe’s Mercado

Dallas, TX 75235
Shipt – Shops at Central Market, Kroger and Target
Amazon Fresh
Instacart – Shops at Kroger, Sam’s Club, ALDI, Central Market, Total Wine and More, Tom Thumb, CVS, Spec’s (alcohol), Whole Foods, Sprouts

Fort Worth, Texas 76155
Amazon Fresh – Whole Foods Market
Instacart – Shops at Kroger, ALDI, Tom Thumb, CVS, Whole Foods, Albertsons

Memphis, TN 38116
Shipt – Shops at Kroger and Target
Instacart – Shops at Kroger, CVS

Louisville, KY 40213
Shipt – Shops at Meijer
Instacart – Shops at Kroger, Meijer, Costco, CVS, Whole Foods

Looking for some healthy meal ideas? Download the Fit Flyer app developed by Pilot Fitness to help you stay healthy on the road. If you haven’t already, follow them on Facebook for info on crew-member health and fitness.

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