The first call is a solid 2 hours, so please be sure to find a quiet, comfortable place to talk. You will probably want to wear a headset for our conversation since you will be taking a lot of notes as we review your application. This is not a call we can have from a moving vehicle.

Please have one 1 printed out copy of your pdf’ed application and a blue or red pen on hand to mark up your application. If you do not have a printed copy of your application ready before our call, we will need to reschedule. We will never work with your application while logged into Doing so slows down the process and can create unnecessary errors in your application.

Don’t be surprised when we scrutinize every last detail of your application. All of the boxes in your application will be discussed and this is the level of detail for which you are paying. It is not uncommon for us to spend 30 minutes just on one page.

You have procured our services to hear the truth, even if it is unpleasant at times. Please remember that we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t push you to be your very best. Our technique will give you the confidence you need when you walk into your interview. You will be ready to stand by and explain every section of your application without hesitation.

There will be “homework” after our sessions. Since we spend so much time reviewing your application, you will most likely need to devote time after our call to correct errors and find missing information. This is completely normal and a part of the process.

Remember this is a marathon, not a race. Of course, there is a sense of urgency to finish your application, but you should approach this process knowing it will take time to get it right.