You’ve just met with a recruiter or VIP from a major airline. What do you do next? Call your mom and tell her how well you did? Ok… maybe, but after that you should always hand-write a note to each person you spoke to at the meeting.

Writing a note takes little time and leaves a lasting impression. An effective note can only help your chances. A personal note highlights your professionalism, gratitude for the opportunity and, when done right, lets the recipient know you listened during your meeting.

A sloppy, error riddled note does not help your chances. Be sure to type or write a draft before you write out your final note. Typing the draft of your note can help mitigate grammatical and spelling errors. If you have the text of your note in electronic form, then you can easily email it to a friend so they can proof your draft. It never hurts to have second eye look over your work. Take a photo of the final note so you have a copy on hand of what you wrote should you need it in the future.

During your meeting – listen, listen, listen! Yes, it is an opportunity for the recruiter to get to know you, but it’s also an opportunity for you to show off your listening skills. Listening allows you to engage in thoughtful two-sided conversation. If you are too busy talking about yourself the entire time, you may miss opportunities to ask thoughtful questions. When you leave the meeting make sure to write down names and what you discussed. You’ll need this for your note(s).

Mail the note within 48 hours. Keep in mind that your note may need to circumnavigate the company mail system, so it may take a little bit to get to the recipient. You want it to arrive while your name and meeting is fresh in their mind. Sooner is better, but do not pre-write the notes and hand them out at the end of the meeting.

Pick thank you cards that are professional looking and simple. If you already have personal stationary, great, just be sure it’s business appropriate and not too cutesy or loud. We recommend buying thank you cards now so you have them on hand just in case you have an impromptu meeting. Plus, you can always use extra cards for birthdays and Christmas.

Your note should express the following:

  • Appreciation for the opportunity to meet with representatives of the airline
  • Your deep interest in their airline. “It would be an honor to be considered…”
  • How impressed you were with the professionalism of the company representatives

Mention something positive and specific to the conversation you had with the representatives. Do not write “It was a pleasure speaking to you about my immense talent.

Do not say any of the following in your note:

  • “I hope you will be able to rescore my application.” You are writing a thank you note and you should only express gratitude in your note. Do not use it to ask a favor.
  • “I look forward to seeing you at my interview.” Statements like this sound cocky and pushy.
  • “When can I expect to hear from you regarding my application?” Again, this is pushy.

Commonly misspelled words

Their (ownership), there (a place) , they’re (they are),Your (ownership), you’re (you are), sincerely, appreciation, grateful, privilege

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