MCH“For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to fly for a major airline. Being from the Bay Area of California, that dream job has always been with United Airlines. In 2013 Airline Transition Consultants helped me achieve my goal and I’m exactly where I want to be.

Like most pilots who have a life-long dream to fly as a career, I’ve worked hard and put in the long hours to do what needed to be done to make it to the majors. I worked various odd jobs and have had countless apartments over the course of 15 years. My time in college and experience as a regional airline pilot were the stepping-stones for a promising career down the road.

When the time came to start my application on, my head was spinning trying to get everything correct. I needed the help of a professional to pull together, in a meaningful and compelling way, the past 15 years of my life. I didn’t need someone to just proofread my application, move some periods around and add some flashy adjectives. I needed substantive advice to tell me what was missing and what needed adjustment.

I came to Airline Transition Consultants because of my experience with Seth as a check airman while flying at a regional airline. I knew him to be professional, thorough and most of all, willing to give honest, actionable feedback. I expected nothing less when I hired him to review my application before publishing it in 2013.

Just as I expected, I got a whole lot of honest feedback and long list of errors to be corrected. I was shocked at all the vital data that I unknowingly omitted. It was truly a wake-up call and I’m so glad I did all the work upfront since it laid the groundwork for a successful interview with United when they called me to interview shortly after publishing my application.

I laugh about it with my friends – I paid Airline Transition Consultants to hammer me as if it was training event. And in reality, it was exactly what I needed to be ready to tell my professional story to the interview committee. I was confident that my app was clear and correct, which gave me the opportunity to focus on other necessary areas of preparation prior to my interview.

If you’re looking to move on to a major airline, I highly recommend Airline Transition Consultants. As pilots, we’re used to learning and training with other professionals, why should the application process be any different? Don’t leave it up to chance, hire ATC to get it right the first time.”