BetsyWI have nothing but wonderful things to say about Seth and his team at Airline Transition Consultants. Since working with them last year, I have been invited to interview with three major airlines. This year I accepted an offer to fly for one of those major airlines. It’s been a dream come true to advance to the majors and have my choice of job offers.

Seth has a passion for mentoring and helping others. I discovered this seventeen years ago when I met him in junior college as a young pilot just starting my career in aviation. After college I took a job flying corporate jets and had high hopes to transition to a major airline as soon as I built up enough flight time. Like most commercial pilots my age, the tragic events of 9/11 delayed my plans to transition as the industry suffered a major setback. As the industry rebounded, I decided to start the process of applying.

When I made the decision to prepare my application and resume, I knew for sure that Seth was the guy to call. We immediately went to work on my resume for an up-coming job fair. It was at this job fair that my resume attracted the attention of a major airline and I was invited to interview not too long afterward.

Working with ATC was eye opening. I had no idea how much went into filling out an application for a major airline. On the surface, it seems pretty easy and straightforward, but when you actually dig into the details of the application things get trickier. The secret isn’t just proof reading what is on your application; it’s identifying what’s missing from your application that is a crucial. The methods used by ATC uncovered so much more than proof reading.

Seth has a keen ability to read between the lines and see what’s missing and inaccurate. You won’t be able to get one past him or bluff an answer; he simply won’t accept anything less than perfect and will work with you until you get it right. He combed through countless details and data-points from my career and helped me tie up all the loose ends that were holding me back from having a complete and interview-worthy application.

In the end, I felt like the team at ATC was my biggest cheerleader. Their enthusiasm for my success was genuine and I appreciated the way they pushed me to put my best foot forward. I now have 100{eec71ea13173b00118c4db55bd6e43b28760cf38b5296c3a41faa595250d178d} confidence in my application and resume. Thank you, Airline Transition Consultants!